2020 has succeeded in exceeding every imaginable imagination and still the year is not over, to mention a few, World War Three (US vs Iran), The Death of Kobe Bryant, Covid-19 Pandemic, Death of George Floyd accompanied with the largest black lives movement in history, The #EndSars Movement, the largest and most organized participation of youths in Nigeria’s history! and this is to mention a few.

To think that the year has given all it has to offer is a massive error! We are yet to experience the biggest of them all, A referendum on “how many people hate Trump” or better put the Election to determine who will be the president of the most powerful Nation on Earth — the United States of America.

Let me spill a little bit of history here. On the 8th of November 2016, the World of Politics, Financial markets, Immigration, culture and all was thrown into a state of shock as Donald Trump Jr. won the presidential election, putting the World’s favorite Hillary Clinton into the back burner. Ever since it has been one twitter drama to another! A trade war with China, A fight with Europe, A tete-a-tete with Iran almost leading to World War three, Fights with virtually every Global agency in the world, a romance with Vladmir Putin (Russia) and Kim Jong Un (North Korea)

Ever since, a very big question has been hanging in the air since Donald Won the election in 2016! If so much people hated him before the election and after the election. WHO VOTED FOR HIM?

I can answer the question, but I won’t. The Nov 3, 2020 elections is the icing on the 2020 Cake. Every major activity in 2020 up till now has led us up to this very moment. The bomb that killed Sulieman in Iran, The 225,000 and counting Covid-19 deaths in the US, the Swearing in of Judge Barret to tilt the Supreme Court in Trump’s favor to 6–3, Donald’s law and order stance during the Black lives matter protest, The back and forth Trade deal with China, the Normalization of diplomatic relations of Bahrain, UAE and Sudan with Israel, just to name a few.

But it seems the Referendum decision is tilting towards “A clear hatred for Trump” as voters seem to state in Major Opinion Polls that anything but Trump even though they will have to settle for a stuttering, Old and Sleepy Biden is okay by them. With a steady average lead of 9 points in the last 6 months you would assume the die is cast. The Global financial markets are warming up to a Biden Administration, Even Vladmir, Trump’s Sweetheart publicly chastised him in the last week of October as he gets ready for a Biden administration, the Global stage and China are excited that the end of the most un-conventional administration is near.

If the above does not remind you of the 2016 election, then we are all in for a massive shock as I predict a tie or a Win for Donald Trump. Global markets will tumble, Global leaders will get the shock of their lives and the 2020 drama will well extend in to 2021, a year we hope will help sooth our wounds coming from 2020.

What can you then do as a Nigerian? Honestly? Nothing. Just Watch as the global players dice around with the World’s future, it’s markets and Future flow of Capital.



‘Tech’-bro. Extrovert. Adventure. Romantic. Jesus Lover.

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